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Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand

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Product description


1. This machine is a charging model and needs to be charged for 3 hours after receiving it. During charging, the machine will display a flashing "CH" status, and when fully charged, the "CH" will no longer flash. At this point, the charging wire can be unplugged and normal use can begin

2. Although we sell training gloves for one pair of hands, this is only for patients who need training for both hands and does not represent this style

Instructions for placing an order:

Please carefully check if the options you have selected are correct when placing an order. Please check the size and which hand you purchased.

Once the package has been sent, we cannot intercept or modify anything.

Also, if you do not know how to choose a size, please refer to the schematic diagram in the size chart and follow the measurement method above to measure the user's hand length and width data and let me know. I will recommend the size to you to avoid the problem of unsuitable size after receiving it.


1. New portable style with portable belt
The training host can be placed in the belt and hung at the waist, which is convenient for going out, carrying, and occupying no space.

2. Mirror training
Open your hands and train your hands. The open action can be executed synchronously.
The bending position catches
Firmly imitate your hands and train your hands. Be able to do fist movements synchronously.

3. Simple operation
One-click open operation is easy for the elderly to master. You can start training from five fingers, single fingers, opposite fingers, multiple fingers, mirror image, etc.

4. Adjustable air valve
Independent air valve for finger training
Each finger can have targeted training

5. Five-gear FM, strong power
A powerful high-power air pump ensures continuous output, stable operation and sufficient power.

How to use:

1. Glove interface connected to the host.
2. Fingers in turn wear to the end.
3. Fix the Velcro.
4. Fix the number of straps as needed.
5. Turn on the machine can be used.


1. How long is it appropriate to use each time?
The single-use time should not be too long, it is recommended to control within 20 minutes.

2. How to set the training intensity?
Different users have different muscle physiological conditions and different levels of rehab and exercise, so different muscle tone levels correspond to different recommended levels, see the manual for details.

3. What is the target group?
Stroke patients, cerebral hemorrhage patients, children with hand burns, cerebral palsy-induced hand disorders, young and middle-aged people and the elderly.

4. What are the contraindications to the use of the hand function rehabilitation training device?
Before training, please confirm that the hand to be trained is not stiff, if it is stiff, please massage and warm the hand first, and wait for the hand to reach a soft state before training; please do not give it to people without behavioral awareness or young children to use it alone; such as hand sprains, traumas, bone injuries of unknown condition, people with severe osteoporosis, people with untreated fractures or those who need to brake after treatment
Do not use this product without professional confirmation of availability.


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