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Professional Foot Massager With heating Function At The Knee

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Product description

Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from skin infections, high blood pressure, use a pacemaker or another serious medical condition.

Q1: What's the difference between Style A and Style B?

A1: Just color difference. The function is exactly the same

Q2: Is this for one leg or two legs?

A2: It's for two legs. for your health. we suggest you order items for 2 legs. and it's the best gift for your wife, your girlfriend, or your mother.

Q3: Is the pressure too low as others said?

A3: The pressure can be adjusted. you can choose the one you want. the strongest pressure will bring some pain as I have tested.

Q6:What kind of charger should I buy for the USB style?

A6: Requires 5V 2A charging head(charging time for other ports will be relatively slow

Heating Tech at Knees

Unlike other leg massagers that do not offer any coverage at the knee part, ours have the full coverage of your legs

and added the heating technology at the knee part (an optional function according to your need) for a better massage experience.

Cordless Massager

With the cordless design, you will not be restricted by messy and tangled cables and take it anywhere you want a massage,

making the massage easier. It can work for about 100-150min(Unopened heating status) and 40-80min(Opened heating status) with a full charge.

Safe Massager

The leg massager will stop working after the 20-minute operation, if you still want to keep massaging your legs,

you need to turn it on again. This function is very helpful to the elderly and those who are easy to fall asleep during the massage.



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